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Premiered as a theater lab production in 2003, and was most recently performed in the 2005 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

We are currently working towards getting this production in front of more audiences, but for now you'll just have to check out the articles, reviews and photo gallery linked below.

Cincinnati CityBeat: Fringe 2005 Preview
Cincinnati CityBeat: Show Review (link down)
Online Photo Gallery
Cin Weekly: Fringe 2005 Preview
Cincinnati Enquirer: Show Review
Cincinnati Enquirer: Fringe 2005 Recap
Running My Ass Off...
And Getting Nowhere!
Premeired at the 2006 Cincinnati Fringe Festival as our second full production of a Stacey Morrison original play. Check out the official Cincinnati Fringe Festival site for coverage, including links to photos and the official Fringe blog. We also received a fantastic review from the Cincinnati CityBeat paper.
A free reading of this show was performed in New York on May 21st at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Thanks again go out to all that attended and provided their comments! Hit the contact page and let us know if there's anything else you may have thought of.
directed by: Amelia Henderson
starring: Courtney Seiberling & Ben Dobson
Changing yourself for love may change more than you think!

The once two-hundred-and-twenty-eight pound Elizabeth is faced with life-altering questions when her sort-of boyfriend unexpectedly offers to marry her if she's able/willing to drop her weight down to "something healthy… one-fifty, maybe" in just one year.  The wager is made… the date is set… but as the numbers on the scale begin to fall, this complex relationship reaches new heights and falls to frightening lows.

I Take It Back
From Where... To My Bed?
A new play by resident playwright Stacey Morrison is set to premiere in a special one-night-only staged reading on Saturday, March 17th at 6:00pm! Head on over to Jimmy's No. 43 Stage on 43 E 7th St @ 2nd Ave in NYC to catch it. Free of charge, with donations kindly accepted.
So how does it feel to have voted for Bush in 2004? Especially if you're now a certified liberal? Find out in this soul-baring one woman show appearing in this year's 2007 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and check back here for more details as they become available.
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