The new-and-improved version 2.0 of the Odds & Ends website is nearing completion. But you already know that, since you're here. Anyways, we need updated bio information from all company members. If you're in the company, you'll be receiving a friendly request for that info in the near future. Be prepared.
Support a talented CCM graduate... if you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles, please buy multiple tickets to "The Catholic Girl's Guide To Losing Her Virginity" by Annie Hendy. Extended performances through March 15 due to popular demand!
Yo, company members... I know you've been checking out the site, so get your bios in so we can make some updates. If you don't, you're pictures may be humorously altered.
Get ready for Odds & Ends at The Fringe in June! We're officially in for the second year in a row. The 2006 entry is Stacey Morrison's "Running My Ass Off... And Getting Nowhere!" which will be directed by Amelia Henderson and is to star Courtney Seiberling and Ben Dobson. More info to come! In the meantime, check out the Fringe Site.
We've added some new content related to "Running My Ass Off... And Getting Nowhere!" on the projects page. The 2006 Fringe Festival is coming up here quickly... just a little over a month away.
If for some odd reason you feel like picking up some "Odds & Ends" officially licensed gear... well, here's the link to our new shop on Cafepress. All proceeds benefit current and future productions by O&E.
Coming soon... South Hills Power Yoga
Also... a big THANK YOU is in order for all of you wonderful New Yorkers who came out in support of O&E for our May 21st reading of the show which was held at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. We can't wait to bring the show back to NYC in the future. (just look how happy we are in the pic!)
Stacey, Amelia, Courtney & Ben at the NYC reading of "Running My Ass Off..."
Well, another Fringe Festival has come to an end... and we had an absolute BLAST! We'll be adding some more content under the projects section shortly to fill everyone in on our experience. Thanks again to all involved!
Another year, another Fringe! Check out the projects section to see just what's in the works...
And if that weren't enough for our first site update in almost a year, there's a special one-night-only event for those of you in/near NYC on March 17th!
Coming soon... South Hills Power Yoga
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